VA Loans Near Orlando, FL

If you served or are currently serving in the US Armed Forces, you are eligible for special mortgages known as veteran loans. Carl Hendrix from Edge Home Finance Corporation wants to help you take advantage of this privilege so you can buy a home near Orlando, FL.

Your Broker of VA Loans

Veteran loans, also known as VA loans, provide those who have served our country with the advantages they deserve as they look to purchase a home. However, the VA doesn’t make the process as easy as it should be. This shouldn’t discourage you — with the help of an experienced independent broker like Carl Hendrix, you can get a VA loan and purchase your dream home in Florida.

After your service for this country, you deserve better customer service than what major lenders can offer you. When you choose to work with an independent broker, you are more than a number or a bottom line — you are an individual who deserves dedicated time and expert knowledge as you prepare to finance a home purchase.

Your Advantages

VA home loans and VA refinancing loans offer many advantages over other common mortgage options. Most prominently, VA loans do not require a down payment. Minimum down payments are among the main reasons people struggle to purchase a home, so veteran loans remove that barrier from the buying process. In addition, you don’t need Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) despite a lack of or a low down payment.

Even without a down payment, monthly mortgage payments are kept manageable through competitively low interest rates. In addition, you will see lower closing costs and loan terms that are more favorable for you.

Carl Hendrix is dedicated to helping you see the fruits of these advantages as you search for a home and take a home loan. Contact Mr. Hendrix today by calling 407-234-5731.